OmniBOLT — Lightning Network Meme Contest!

2 min readAug 29, 2022


Create some cool memes on Lightning Network ⚡️

Do you have a sense of humor? Are you into Bitcoin blockchain and Lightning network? Then this contest is for you! OmniBOLT is pleased to announce our first meme contest for everyone!

Use your creativity to combine Lightning Network and humor for the next two weeks of fun and cool memes at OmniBOLT!

Make a high-quality, unique, original, and creative GIF and/or image about OmniBOLT and Lightning Network, and be one of the lucky winners of the $300 prize we will raffle off for the most creative memes and GIFs.

How to participate? Follow the following very simple steps 👇

Step 1: Follow @omni_bolt on Twitter and tag @ 3 friends

Step 2: Join OmniBOLT Discord Server.

Step 3: Retweet the OmniBOLT meme contest tweet.

Step 4: Create a fantastic meme/GIF.

Step 5: Post the meme/GIF on the #meme-contest channel on the OmniBOLT Discord Server.

Step 6: Share the meme/GIF on Twitter and tag @omni_bolt on Twitter


There is a total of 300$ USDT reward pool we will be giving away among the five most creative GIFs and memes!

Meme requirements

  1. The meme must not contain logos or other links.
  2. Each participant can submit 1 meme, so make it count! Multiple entries will not be reviewed.
  3. No NSFW memes, keep it family-friendly.
  4. OmniBOLT is not responsible for any copyright issue, the owner is responsible for any infringing or copyright issues.

Selection of winners

The OmniBOLT team will choose 5 winners based on the originality, sense of humor, and quality of the meme.


14 days, from 12:00 UTC on August 29th, 2022 to 18:00 UTC on September 10th, 2022.

About OmniBOLT

OmniBOLT(Basis of Lightning Technology) is the world’s first stablecoin (on Omnilayer) circulation specification for Lightning Network, and the second important protocol presented by Omni foundation. It is a big extension of BOLT, the major parts of this spec are p-2-p instant payment and mortgage loans for crypto-assets.

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OmniBOLT (Omni Basis of Lightning Technology) is the world’s first stable coin circulation specification on Omnilayer for Lightning Network.