OmniBOLT Lightning Flash Creative Contest

2 min readOct 5, 2022

Calling all Content Creators and Artists — We need your craftiness and brilliant minds to spruce up the place here at OmniBOLT so we are unleashing The Lightning Flash Creative Contest, a competition where one and all can show their love for OmniBOLT!

Thank you to everyone who entered the first ever OmniBOLT meme contest. A huge number of great memes were submitted for the contest, which the team had a great laugh from. As a result, the 5 winners shared a prize pool of 300 USDT!

This time, rather than limiting submissions to only memes, we are expanding the format. This is now an OmniBOLT “Creativity Contest”.

So what does that mean? Well, you are only limited by your imagination. As long as you create something connected to OmniBOLT, you can have free reign.

We expect the following things from you:

1) ✍️ Written words (articles, explainers, tales)

2) 📹 Videos (motion graphics, video presentation)

3) 🎨 Artwork (digital or hand-drawn)

4) 🎵 Music

5) 👕 Merch.

Again, anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us — the more entries the better.

How to participate in the contest?

1. Follow OmniBOLT Twitter

2. Join OmniBOLT Discord

3. Retweet the Creativity Contest Tweet

4. Post your creative work under the Creativity Contest tweet & tag 3 friends

5. Submit your tweet link in #creative-work-submission in OmniBOLT Discord.

Winners Selection:

The OmniBOLT team will go through all the entries and select 10 entries which will be put up for COMMUNITY VOTING! The community will vote for their favorite entry and at the end of the voting period the entries which have the highest 3 votes will be declared the winners of the contest.


The reward pool for the contest is $100 USDT in which:

Rank 1: 50 USDT

Rank 2: 30 USDT

Rank 3: 20 USDT

! For unique and separately liked work of the team, may be given an additional reward!


  1. Submission of creative work in the submission channel will be from 5th October to 12th October.

2. Community voting period will be from 12th October to 14th October.

3. Winner Announcement will be on 14th October followed by reward distribution.

We have an amazing community, so we look forward to seeing what you come up with.

About OmniBOLT

OmniBOLT(Basis of Lightning Technology) is the world’s first stablecoin (on Omnilayer) circulation specification for Lightning Network, and the second important protocol presented by Omni foundation. It is a big extension of BOLT, the major parts of this spec are p-2-p instant payment and mortgage loans for crypto-assets.

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OmniBOLT (Omni Basis of Lightning Technology) is the world’s first stable coin circulation specification on Omnilayer for Lightning Network.