OmniBOLT and WaterDrip Capital Announce Strategic Partnership

2 min readOct 3, 2022


WaterDrip capital and OmniBOLT are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to offer a broad range of technology, marketing, and branding services to the smart asset lightning network worldwide.

This is an important step in OmniBOLT’s development, which will raise and broaden the acceptance of the technology and innovation that OmniBOLT offers to a multitude of new users around the world.

About WaterDrip

WaterDrip Capital was founded in 2017 by China’s most visionary blockchain pioneers. It is an international investment institution specializing in the blockchain industry. WaterDrip aims to connect the traditional financial market with the blockchain ecosystem by actively investing in innovative blockchain startups, and deeply collaborating with the boldest entrepreneurs and talented IT engineers to build a future-oriented digital financial infrastructure and distributed economy worldwide together.

About OmniBOLT

OmniBOLT(Basis of Lightning Technology) is the world’s first stablecoin (on Omnilayer) circulation specification for Lightning Network, and the second important protocol presented by Omni foundation. It is a big extension of BOLT, the major parts of this spec are p-2-p instant payment and mortgage loans for crypto-assets.

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OmniBOLT (Omni Basis of Lightning Technology) is the world’s first stable coin circulation specification on Omnilayer for Lightning Network.